Carrier Covers
This Carrier Cover is made out of
fleece. Use from late fall until early
spring. There is a zipper that allows
full access to your child.  The flap
can be secured as shown for
transporting the child from the house
to the car when the weather is cold
or damp. Velcro on the back secures
it open. No need for blankets or
heavy jackets.
$24.95 plus shipping.
This Carrier Cover is
made out of a mosquito netting.
It allows you to
take your child outside
without worrying about it being
bothered by pest.
$15 plus shipping.
This Carrier Cover is a Tent Design.  It
attaches to the handle of your infant's
car seat and tents over the child.  
These are great during cool weather
and to keep the sun out of the child's
$24.95 plus shipping
Click on the picture of the Carrier Cover to see different fabric choices.