Customer Comments
My youngest grandsosn
Hi Gail. I just wanted to let you know
that we LOVE the napmat! I'm attaching
a picture of the happy bday boy with it. I
hope it comes through. Thanks again.
You did an awesome job! Kim
HI Gail-  I just wanted to let you know I
received the nap pad and I LOVE it
and my son LOVES it.  He has a broken leg
and won't be able to go back to
preschool until May so he has already been
"play" using it.  And he loves
his name on it too.  Thanks so much!!!  You
did excellent in making it.
Hi Gail got my nap pad
and I love it. Thanks I'll
tell all the firefighters I
see . Joe
Hi Gail.  My mom bought a sun dress
and capri set for my daughter last year
at the Mt. Mitchell show.  I LOVE your
I really enjoyed meeting you. Sometime
you meet someone you feel at home
with, and I got that feeling talking with
you.Take care. Mary
Hi Gail,

I got the mat this evening. I must admit that I was wavering for
a while,
not only by misplacing your info, but because the mat was so
much more in cost than what I've paid for nap mats before.

I was VERY happy with what I received. It far exceeded my
It was larger, more padded, and better made! The blanket is
so plush. I also like the pocket for the pillow. Worth every
penny! He will be soooo excited when he sees it in the morning.

Keep up the good work, and thanks a lot.
We received the nappers this afternoon. The
kids LOVE them! They jumped in the moment I
opened them up. (See attached picture).
Thank you so much for everything!
Merry Christmas!
We received the construction nap mat. I love the
bright colors and how well it is made. My 3 year
old son loves it, and so does my 19 month old.  
You will be hearing from me again when my
youngest is ready for his own nap mat.  Thank
you so much!!!
is adorable.  I can't wait to
give it to him.  Thanks again for getting
it done so quickly!
Dear Gail,
We received the nap mat
and thank you so
much!!! My son LOVES it.
Thank you again!
Got it today! Thanks Gail! Nicholas promptly said "Beep!
Beep!" when he saw all the cars. It will be great to use at his
Thanks again!
Josie LOVES her
Strawberry Shortcake
mat!  She slept on it
on the floor of
her bedroom the first
night she had
Thank you so much!
Hi Ms. Gail
I just wanted to let you
know that Kaitlyn
absolutely loved her mat!  
She  is 16 months...she
had a huge smile on
herface...ran and dove
in...covered  up
and put her hands behind
her head...It was precious!
Thank you!
I just wanted to thank you for
Hunter's fire truck nap mat.  We just
got it about an hour ago and all he
wants to do is lie down and watch
TV on his new mat.  I know that this
will get him even more excited
about starting school in a couple of
weeks.  Can't wait to order the next
one for our littlest next fall.
The nap mat was delivered today and it is just
adorable. My daughter is now excited about
nap/rest time at school!  
My elderly mother had made these in the past for
my older children but is now unable to.  I was so
excited to find someone who could make one
with the same quality and care as she did.  
Thank you!
Hello Gail.
We received Chandlers Nap Mat today/04th.  It is great.  Thank you so
He's out running around with Dad, and I've got it hanging up to finishing
it's last bit of drying.  Going to let him be on it some this evening so he
can 'bond' with it some prior to tomorrow.
Thanks again for such a great job.  My daughter (9 in 3 months) thinks it's
better than either of the two she had in day care / Kindergarten!
Appreciate your professional work.  Happy New Year.  ~ Cheryl
Thank you so much for the batman
nap mat!  My son loved it!   
also for getting it here so fast.  I
couldn't believe that it was  
already here.
Thanks again,
Hi just wanted to let you know I recieved the nap mat on Tuesday and my
absolutely loves it and keeps rolling it out to lay on it.
Thankyou so much it is absolutely beautiful, the real test will be on monday
when he goes to daycare and all the other kids want it lol!
He has only been to daycare  for about 4 times and is still getting use to
it so having his favourite character nap mat to sleep on just may help for
him to have something familiar of his own.
Once again thankyou and keep up the good work, thanks sharon
We received it yesterday and it's just
great. My daughter loves it and it
seems pretty tough, not like some
I've bought before. I'll definitely buy
another  from you when my son
needs one.
I just wanted to write you and let you know
that Iris and I LOVE her new night night!!! It's
beautiful!!! I am going to have to find a pink
on like it for my other daughter and my sister
wants one for her baby. I'm going to get with
her and see which one she like on you site!  
Thank you sooooo much!! I've attached a
picture of Iris when she first saw it!
-Erica                              8-20-10
One of my outfits
I received the nap mat today, and it is absolutely
adorable, and my son LOVES it and cannot wait to
take it to school on Monday!  I will definitely
recommend your site to everyone I know, and
keep it for myself so when I adopt my daughter I
can get her nap mat through you!  Thanks again.
Tammera        3/5/11
Thanks Gail!  They arrived and are adorable!  I’m
sure they will be a hit both Christmas morning and
at the daycare in January.  It was a pleasure doing
business with you!
Alex     12/19/10
Thanks. He LOVES his napmat and it was
a success! He very first day of daycare he
rolled out his Spiderman napmat and put
himself to sleep!  I doubt he would have
been so agreeable to take that nap
without his napmat that he was exited to
use... thank you!
May 25, 2011
I received my son's nap map last Wednesday and
loved it!  I ordered one for my daughter a year or
so ago and loved it so much I kept your card so I
could buy another when my son was ready for it.  
And I've recommended you to a co-worker whose
son is the same age as mine.  I'll be glad to take
the card you sent and give it to the director at my
son's day care.  I just LOVE your mats!  So much
better than most of the others out there.
One of my outfits
Hi Gail,
Thanks for shipping so quickly.  I received
it on Friday and when I opened it – my
daughter was THRILLED!
The nap mat is absolutely perfect –
incredible quality.  I will be sure to wash it
carefully so that it will last for a long time!  
Thank you again!
Hey Gail,
Got the Nap Mat and
love it.  Thanks a lot
for making it and
getting it to me.  I'm
sure my great niece
will love it as well.  
Thanks again.
just wanted to let you know that Pierson loved his
mat!  It is absolutely adorable and I really
appreciate you adding the name on there for free
... that was very kind of you!  I have given your
name out to a couple of friends so maybe you will
get some more business from Ft. Drum!
God's blessings to you and thanks again.
Renee      9-15-11
Hi Gail, I just want to thank you for the prompt
expediting of my order.
The Nap mat arrived on time as you had
mentioned by priority mail.
My grandson loves his little mat of Cars, it’s
really comfy, the pillow and the blanket are nice
and soft.
Thank you so much and I will be visiting your
website to see what other gifts I can buy.
Mariella L.
Houston, TX       9-6-11
Hi Gail,
We just received the
Spiderman nap mat!!!  
My son is thrilled-- you
do beautiful work.   
Thank you.
Connie       8-6-11
Ms Sellers
Thanks so much. The nap mat I bought
from you last year was great and is still
in wonderful condition even after being
washed every week. Thanks for a great
Cheryl       8-3-11
Kallsie - Easter '12

The nap mat was perfect.  It was
exactly what I had been looking
for.  Thank you so much for
expediting our order.  I will
definitely recommend you guys in
the future!

Thanks!  8-12
Ms. Gail.
We love the mat! It is exactly
how it was pictured on the
website.  Knox is very happy!
Thank you very much.

Lyn  8-16-12
We got them today.
They are fantastic! My
boys love them
thanks!    9-4-12
We received the nap mat on Friday. It's
purpose was for my daughter to use at her
church daycare.
We can't get her out of it.
Thanks you so much for sending us such a
marvelous item. She absolutely loves it. You
can be assured that we will be telling everyone
we know about your wonderful product. I only
wish you had sent more business cards,
Kindest Regards,
Al and Laura (Kate too)
I  just received the Nap Mats
They are just adorable..!  
thank you very much
Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year!