Doll Clothes - Evening Wear
Doll clothes for the 18" Dolls, like American Girl Dolls.
The Doll Clothes are machine washable.  They are lined and have finished seams.
The dresses close in the back with Velcro.
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Ruffle Blue & White Dress
This elegant ruffle dress has
white trim.  It is made of
satin and has a belt that ties
in the back.
Lime Green Sparkle w/ruffles
This Evening Dress has Ruffles
at the bottom and ribbon trim.
It Velcros in the back.
White with Pink Trim
This lovely dress has pink
beading and white lace.  The
fabric is dotted swiss.
3 Piece Outfit
This Silk skirt and jacket has
gold trim.  The blouse is white
Lime Evening Dress
This sleeveless evening dress has
attached ribbon at the hem and
the waist and a bow for her hair.
Gold Evening Dress
This elegant dress is Brocade
and Satin fabric with lace trim.
Blue Evening Dress
This dress is trimmed
with white lace &
Purple Evening Dress
This dress is trimmed with
white & purple & flower
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Blue Satin Formal
Blue Satin Formal with Blue Eyelet
over lay.  This dress has white trim on
the eyelet and around the top.  Velcros
in the back.
"Anna" Dress
Blue cotton dress with
snowflake over lay.  The over
lay is trimmed with ribbon.  
The head piece is extra $5.
Ruffle Pink Evening
This dress has lots of ruffles.  It
ties in the back around the neck.  
The back of the dress has elastic.  
Very easy to get on the off.  The
fabric has a sparkle.